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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Regenerative Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma:

If you’re experiencing pain in your muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, or if you’re suffering from sciatica, neuropathy, disc problem or any other kind of pain, you might want to consider non-surgical regeneration treatment.

Regenerative Medicine may be defined as a form of tissue engineering and molecular biology that involves replacing or regenerating human cells, organs, or tissues to establish or restore normal function. We are able to offer advanced techniques that have been designed to treat various conditions such as chronic degeneration of ligaments, tendons, muscles, and cartilage. We specialize in two of the most common types of regenerative treatment:

·      Stem Cell Therapy– If you have a joint injury or you are suffering from arthritis, stem cell therapy would be an ideal treatment for you. Our body naturally generates stem cells that promote healing and tissue regeneration in the case of an injury. Stem cell therapy involves injecting stem cells directly into the injured area, stimulating the body to reconstruct its damaged joint. This injection also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to ease pain, lubricate joints, and restore lost mobility.

·      Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy– If you lead an active lifestyle and want to avoid the surgery downtime, PRP Therapy would be an ideal treatment for you. This non-surgical procedure is effective in promoting long-term pain relief and healing. PRP treatments help patients heal from injuries such as sprains, as well as chronic pain, arthritis, tears and other sources of pain. PRP treatment is minimally invasive and can help patients avoid the risks of surgery as well as the extended recovery and rehabilitation required. It utilizes the platelets from your own blood to restore the damaged tendon or cartilage. This stimulates the natural production of stem cells, resulting in completely healed and regenerated tissue.

These non-surgical procedures deliver completely natural relief from pain by slowing down degeneration, minimizing discomfort, and improving mobility to help you avoid surgery and a lifetime of pain-relieving drug prescriptions. They are effective in relieving:

·      Shoulder Pain

·      Knee Pain

·      Hip Pain 

.     Elbow Pain

.     Back Pain 

.      Neck Pain 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Very professional and personal care. Takes the time to explain in detail your condition. Focuses on long term success and behaviour changes rather than short term fixes."
    Noah K
  • "Dr. Gary is absolutely WONDERFUL! My whole experience here has been just perfect. I feel that he truly cares if I get better or not, and I look forward to my appointments. If you're looking for an AMAZING chiropractor, this is the place you want to visit!"
    Suzie B
  • "Dr Gary is the best! He is very knowledgeable and knows what he is doing. I highly recommend anyone to seek him for help."
    Krystal D
  • "Dr. Draper knows the body; not only physically, but mentally as well. He's got machines throughout the office that can help treat both the body and the brain. He cares about each patients' wellbeing, and takes a practical approach to finding the root cause of whatever might be ailing you. Highly recommended!"
    David W
  • "Eileen M recommends Holistic Healing Chiropractic.
    I can not say enough positive things about Dr. Gary, the inviting office atmosphere and friendly staff. Dr. Gary treats everyone with professional care, excellent service and a caring heart."
    Eileen M.
  • "He is the greatest doctor ever had! He goes above and beyond with my whole family, kids and dog. If it weren't for Dr. Gary I would not be able to work or live! We love the office and the staff!"
    Carolyn Oliver
  • "I have two herniated discs in my lower back. Because of my spinal decompression, I am much better and I don't think I will need back surgery."
    Mary W.
  • "I have three bulging disc's in my lower back, one of which is pressing against a nerve. Due to being in so much pain I have put a lot more pressure and such on my right foot as well. Doctors have given me medication that doesn't touch the pain, but Dr. Draper and Dr. Gary as most of his patients lovingly call him will reduce my pain level more than half in one visit. I can't Recommend this place enough."
    April Plexico
  • "Dr. Gary is a very knowledgeable and very caring person. He gives you 100 percent of his attention. So glad that we found him."
    Barbara Rourke Chappell
  • "Dr. Gary Draper and staff are OUTSTANDING!!"
    Erin Murray
  • "Friendly and knowledgeable staff with a welcoming atmosphere. The facilities are beautiful, and the hydrotherapy table is fantastic!"
    Courtney Stahl Stachowski
  • "very personalized, wonderful bedside manor, actually takes time to listen, I left feeling taller and was able to walk without pain."
    Meegan Clemons​
  • "5 stars"
    JR Rivas​
  • "Very caring and get results kind of a doctor. If you are looking for a quality docotr... schedule your appointment today!"
    Celia Ringstad
  • "Dr. Gary Draper is such a great doctor with cutting edge therapies. His knowledge and caring, positive attitude is unmatched! He has helped me with back issues, vertigo, and feet issues. He has helped athletic boys with all kinds of issues! I highly recommend Dr. Gary and Pierce Family Chiropractic for your whole family!"
    Elizabeth Gwyn Jones​

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